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This amazing worksheet equips you to quickly recognize and cast off the negative thoughts that are distracting you and hindering your business success. Get ready to break free from negative thinking as you learn to: 

  • Quickly capture and cast off your negative thoughts
  • Receive Christ’s perspective and truth that will renew your mind 
  • Move forward with clarity, confidence, and power to Christ-Centered success.


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Powerful One-time Private call with Kathleen

Use this powerful private coaching session to resolve your immediate concerns. 

  • Gain Clarity for Your Business 
  • Identify Problems and Create Solutions
  • Strategize Your Next Steps

$150 Session

FOR ONLY $99.00

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This valuable training will help you to recognize where self-doubt is hindering your business and equip you to eliminate it! Within this FREE offer, you will receive

  • Comprehensive Video Teaching
  • A 7-Step Worksheet to help you move from self-doubt to Christ-Centered Confidence
  • A Quick Steps Card for fast relief
  • Real life stories to help you apply the learning
  • Clarity and courage to move your business forward with the power of Christ. 


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The Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Planning Course


This power-packed course comes with a complete Planning Guide, Workbook and over 4 hours of Instructional Videos that will equip you to create a complete planning system that brings order to your business. In this course you will:

  • Establish a Live-Giving Map for your personal and business responsibilities
  • Create God-Designed Business Plans and the projects to make them happen
  • Map out your projects into the months, weeks, and days to get the work DONE!
  • Learn how to keep Christ at the center of all you are doing
  • Gain practical strategies to manage your days and weeks so you will experience peace and productivity!

Over $750 Worth Training and Tools


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The Negative Thinking Challenge Course


This comprehensive course contains over 5 hours of video training, along with powerful tools and strategies that will equip you to become a true Ninja at overcoming the negative thinking that blocks your success and steals your joy. Learn from Kathleen as she teaches you how to: 

  • Recognize the Negative Thinking that is hindering your success
  • Receive Christ’s truth so you will be aligned with Him 
  • Rejoice in the new perspective Christ brings
  • Cast off your old ways of thinking, believing, and acting
  • Walk powerfully into the successful fulfillment of God’s calling together with Christ

Over $550 Worth of Training and Tools


Leah Lopes

“Kathleen’s Christ-Empowered Planning System has empowered me to include Christ in my goal setting for my business. This has transformed my planning and weeded out any goals that aren’t meant to be a focus right now. Kathleen is a master at providing you with every resource you need to have a closer relationship with Jesus, especially in all aspects of business planning!” 

Leah LopesBookkeeping & Business Financial Management

Christiana Collins

The separate courses Kathleen offers for business planning, overcoming negative thinking, and the Christ-Empowered Boot Camp are remarkable!” 

Christiana Collins, The Style Coach Studio

Megan Dyer

Kathleen’s teaching and coaching has been incredibly eye opening. While I knew I would benefit as an entrepreneur from a Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs’ program, what I didn’t understand was how MUCH I would be impacted. Working with Kathleen goes way beyond just a “business” program.

Don’t just think about working with Kathleen — just do it. You will NOT regret it.” 

Megan Dyer – Chief Executive Steward – Prosper Media

Lisa Merollo-Maddock

Kathleen understands the complicated emotions that come into place as a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur because she has experienced them herself.

She continually guides me in the activity, planning, and direction in my business. The tools she uses in her work are biblical and enriched with the Holy Spirit. ” 

Lisa D. Merollo-MaddockJuice Plus+ & Tower Garden Company


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