Clear the Fog

Strategy Session

Imagine what it would be like to have a clear plan of action that empowers you to move your business forward with confidence

All From One Coaching Session

Do you know where you’d like to go, but are unclear about how to get there or where to begin?

Are you longing for a clear Christ-empowered plan to guide you?

This Clear the Fog Strategy Session Is For You!

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Let’s be honest – as you build a business you can find yourself in a fog of uncertainty that halts your progress and causes deep frustration.

I remember that frustration well!

That’s why I created the Clear the Fog Strategy Session to save YOU time, energy, money – and frustration! 

Prior to your session, you will complete a POWERFUL Deep Dive Discovery Packet that will allow you to uncover your status in all the key aspects of building a successful Christ-centered business. 

During your private coaching session, we will work together to discover where God is calling you, clarify what is needed to get you there, and establish the course of action that will get you moving in the right direction. 

You will walk away with tremendous clarity for your business, as well as a CUSTOMIZED PLAN containing CLEAR ACTION STEPS to move your business forward with confidence.



“Needing some serious redirection to renew my business, I turned to Kathleen. She has guided my focus, helping me to think through what needs to be done, what needs to come first to form a firm foundation for my goals, and how to approach these steps with confidence.”

Joan F. – Quilting by Joan, Hummelstown, PA



Discovery Call

You’ll begin with a Complimentary Discovery Call where we’ll discuss your goals and make sure that a Clear the Fog Strategy Session is the best starting point for you. If you’re good to go, we’ll schedule your Strategy Session.

Deep Dive

My team will email you a Powerful “Deep Dive Discovery Packet” which includes information and questions that equip you to:

  1. Understand the Important Aspects of a Christ-Centered business
  2. Explore your status in each area of a Christ-Centered business
  3. Explore your personal vision for your business
  4. Explore your vision for integration of your faith and life with business
  5. Explore the systems needed to run your business smoothly
  6. Share your hopes, dreams and challenges

Strategy Session

You’ll experience your Personal 2-HourClear The Fog Strategy Session where we will invite the Holy Spirit to guide us as we work together to:

  1. EXPLORE God ‘s calling for your business
  2. IDENTIFY where you are now in each aspect of a Christ-centered business
  3. CLARIFY where your business needs to grow next
  4. UNCOVER any challenges that are hindering you

Take Action

With your CUSTOMIZED NEXT STEPS PLAN in hand you will be equipped to TAKE ACTION and move your business forward with CONFIDENCE. No longer hindered by the fog of uncertainty, you can begin to ENJOY experiencing ALL that God is calling you to become and DO.

With Kathleen’s coaching, my focus has sharpened tremendously, giving me vision and new dreams I never thought possible.

Diane Possamato – Pure Haven by Diane Possamato


Your Clear The Fog Strategy Session will be recorded and delivered to your inbox so you can stay fully engaged during your session and still have access to our discussion and all the strategies we’ve created.

You will be given PRIVATE EMAIL ACCESS to me for TWO FULL WEEKS after our session so that I can help answer any questions as you process your plan and begin to implement your goals.

God Has Amazing Things for You To Do!

Are You Ready to Experience Them?

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future.” 
— Jeremiah 29:11

Frequently Asked Questions

What advice can you give about how I can make this investment to work with a coach?

Businesses require investment to grow. When God has called you to build a business, it is important to follow that call.

Part of how we show our willingness to obey God’s call is by becoming intentional about our investment of money and time to move forward. God’s calling always requires us to DO something. This is where our faith becomes real.

If you believe God is calling you to build a business for His glory and the blessing of others, then it’s time to look at your finances and your schedule. Determine what time you will allocate and what financial resources you will invest in making God’s call become a reality. Don’t look to stay comfortable – GO FURTHER than you think YOU can by putting your faith in God.

You will find God to be MORE THAN FAITHFUL with your investment in His call.

Is coaching a tax-deductible business expense?

Yes. If you have registered your business and are reporting your business income and expenses to the IRS, then coaching is deductable as a professional service – just like an accountant or lawyer.

Do you offer refunds for your coaching?

Coaching is a precious investment and commitment for both the client and the coach. Before we begin coaching we will meet and discuss your needs and my style of coaching. We will only proceed if both of us feel we are a good fit for each other and that there will be a genuine blessing to your business and life.

As a professional coach I am careful to make sure that each of my clients are receiving the best of care and that they are continually satisfied with the results of our coaching. While our work is a collaborative effort to ensure that your most important results are being addressed, the steps designed in coaching must be implemented by the client. Therefore, I do not provide refunds.


God is Calling You to do Amazing Things

Are You Ready to Get Started?